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Lieutenant Commander Callum Macquarrie

Name Callum Macquarrie

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 10in
Hair Color Reddish-Orange
Eye Color Green


Personality & Traits

Personal History Callum Macquarrie’s family has strong Scottish roots tethering him to several islands including the isle of Mull through his bloodline. A descendant of the clan Macquarrie, one of the oldest Scottish clans of the highland tracing back to the 9th century, Callum is both prideful of his heritage yet humble. He places a lot of respect towards being of documentable Scottish heritage, but there is not an iota of elitist behavior on his record nor does he assert himself above anyone else because of it.

Callum; however, was not born on Earth. He was born on the Federation colony of Caldos II, two hundred and some light years from Earth, and home to a Human colony with a mixture of predominately Irish and Scottish heritage. His father was a simple ore miner on the colony and his mother was just a good caring wife and mother to her children. Sometimes, she was the referee during sibling squabbles and at times where Cal’s dad was not around, she stepped in as the swift hand of justice. The family was about as rural and separated from the daemons of technological dependency as a family in the Federation could get.

They had a home which was a roof over their heads, but none of the children had their own rooms. Callum had to always bunk with one of his brothers. It was easy to get lost in the shuffle with as many brothers and sisters he had in his family, but his mother always took good care of them all, especially Callum because he was the runt of the boys.

When Callum was fourteen, his parents moved from Caldos II to Earth, settling in the Scottish city of Perth. The move to Earth was to support Callum’s eldest brother, Murray who at the age of eighteen decided to enlist in Starfleet. It was a decision his parents supported, and Murray’s first assignment had been to Luna.

Callum looked up to his brother, but where Murray lacked the patience for classroom learning and was more technically inclined, Callum excelled in academics. He had a general passion for astronomy even as a child on Caldos, picked up a bit of technical skills from watching his father and Murray repair old shuttles, but was very much a momma’s boy. He somewhat inherited her disciplined nature and sunny disposition, always trying to look on the bright side even on overcast days.

It made perfect sense for Callum to apply to Starfleet Academy, and the academy welcomed him after he made it through their screening process. He did well on the entrance examinations and earned himself a spot. At the academy, he opted to pursue a scientific background initially. His first two years were spent as a science cadet focusing on the Astrosciences; however, as he neared the end of his second year, he started to reconsider his path. His third year marked a deviation from his established course. He changed his pursuits from Astrosciences to Astrogation, the navigation of space. There were still plenty of science courses to take for the new path, but also more classes on support craft maintenance and starship operations, with emphasis on helm and navigation, more colloquially referred to as flight control.

By the time Callum graduated, he was certified in support craft piloting. He was commissioned with the rank of ensign and his immediate assignment was to the USS Iolaus, a Federation Argonaut class starship. Callum was initially in the flight control department as a support craft pilot, but also acted as a relief flight control officer on the Bridge. This would be a means of getting him the necessary training to be at the flight operations controls of the starship on a more permanent basis in due time. He remained in this situation for the first two years of his assignment. In his third year, however, Callum took a departmental transfer to the Science Department’s Astrosciences section. Donning the teal uniform of a science officer, Callum took over the position of Astrometrics Officer, a position that saw him working closely with stellar cartographers and the flight control officers.

His fourth year of service in Starfleet aboard the Iolaus was recognized with a promotion to the rank of lieutenant junior grade. He remained in the Science Department as the Astrometrics Officer but moonlighted from time to time as the Flight Control Officer for the “Night Watch” with the rotating OOW (officer on watch).

In total, Callum spent seven years aboard the USS Iolaus, most of spent in the Science Department aside from his first two years and ultimately his final year aboard the Iolus. In his seventh year of service Lieutenant Junior Grade Callum Macquarrie seized the opportunity to put himself forward to fill the vacancy of Assistant Chief Flight Controller. It required surrendering his position as Astrometrics Officer, and taking a departmental transfer back to Flight Control, but it was a promotion in position. In the event the Chief Flight Controller was not aboard or unavailable, Callum would be the Acting Chief Flight Control Officer. Though that did not happen more than once in his final year aboard, it did get him the added experience and a leg up when it came time for reassignment.

His next assignment was to the USS Arkansas where he served under Commander Zelea Arlidd, a Bolian woman who was taking the aging Arkansas as her second command. It would be Callum’s first time in the position of Chief Flight Controller. Before he boarded the USS Arkansas; however, he had returned to Earth for additional training at Starfleet Academy. There was more to being Chief Flight Controller than knowing how to operate the helm and navigational console. They put Callum through a few weeks of intense physical conditioning, a supplemental survivalist class, and he took an advanced Bridge Officer’s test. He was being groomed for the command track.

Callum had not known it at the time, but when he came aboard the USS Arkansas and had studied the chain of command, he discovered himself fourth in line. Upon completion of his supplemental classes, they had given him his second solid pip, denoting his as a lieutenant in rank. Fourth in line of the COC (chain of command) meant he was silently considered third officer, not something that held the same clout as Second Officer, and often went unmentioned.

By his second year aboard the USS Arkansas; however, personnel changes saw the transfer of the Second Officer at the time. Callum, who had grown to have a bit more of a personable rapport with the Commanding Officer, arguable more so than her First Officer did, was offered the position of Second Officer, and Callum accepted.

His loyalty to Captain Arlidd grew as their personal connection grew. Though they were definitely not involved in a romantic sense, they were viewed as a platonic coupling. It made for interesting command dynamics as there was the First Officer between them, Arlidd’s right hand; however, if the XO was Arlidd’s right hand, Callum was her left hand.

It was little surprise that she made an attempt to take him with her, but the attempt to have him assigned as the USS Ranger’s Executive Officer did not suit Starfleet Command. Instead, Callum was placed as Interim Executive Officer while the USS Ranger was at the starbase in order to assist Captain Arlidd with filling out the senior-most vacancies. After this, he was awaiting reassignment. He was offered a position of Executive Officer elsewhere but turned in down. Pulling some teeth and twisting some arms in a conference meeting with Starfleet Command, Callum was able to get himself assigned as Chief Flight Controller of the USS Ranger with the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Service Record USS Iolaus
USS Arkansas
USS Ranger