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Lieutenant Christina Hartley

Name Christina Jane Hartley

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Transgendered/Intersex
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5"4
Weight 52kgs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Christina has a petite figure, with high cheekbones, and keeps herself in great shape. She practises Parkour every day, and on duty, she often keeps her hair tied back.

Currently she is pregnant with her and her wife's second child


Spouse Kin'Fuji Hartley
Children K'tress Hartley (3)
Father William Anderson (Birth Father) Jason Hartley (Adoptive Father)
Mother Mary Anderson (Birth Mother) Lisa Hartley (Adoptive Mother)
Brother(s) Oliver Anderson (Birth brother), Mark Anderson (Birth brother)
Sister(s) Maria Hartley (Adopted Sister)
Other Family General Matthew Hartley (Adoptive Grandfather) Admiral Alyssa Hartley (Adoptive Grandmother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Christina is a fierce believer of justice. Her birth family are criminals, and she was never like them. When they abandoned her at the age of ten, she made a vow to always fight for justice. She is also very outspoken against bullying, as she was bullied as a child before she transitioned from male to female.

Christina is very passionate about engineering, having been building things ever since she was a child, and is comfortable near the hum of the warp core.

She hides a lot of anger, but her wife, Kin'Fuji, helps her remain calm and at peace.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Agility, Eidetic Memory, High intelligence, Parkour Master, Martial Arts expert, Problem solver, languages, Engineering Principles

Weaknesses: Anger issues, hates being reminded of her family
Ambitions To see her birth family brought to justice, and to design new starships. Her only other ambition is achieved; having a family with her wife, Kin'Fuji
Hobbies & Interests Parkour, playing the violin, cooking, reading, spending time with Kin'Fuji and their daughter, mystery novels and puzzles, reading engineering manuals

Personal History Christina was born in 2364 as Christopher Anderson, the third born son of the Anderson Crime Family. They were a part of the Orion Syndicate, but they kept that hidden, and lived comfortably on Earth. Christopher, however, was always different from the rest of the family. From a young age, he showed signs of advanced intelligence, but also a strong moral compass, and didn't want to be a criminal like his family.

Christopher born to Anderson family. Mary Anderson only allowed herself to fall pregnant as part of a con she and William were running. For the first five years of his life, Christopher is treated like any other child.

Christopher finds an old World War 3 bunker at the end of the garden in the home. It is full of books, technical manuals and supplies from Kirk's time, with messages from the previous owners showing it was refurbished as part of a precaution against war with the Klingon's. Christopher hides out in the bunker whenever he wants to hide from his family, who beat him when he refuses to be a part of their crimes. He also finds an old synthesiser which works, which allows him to produce clothes. He starts producing girls clothes, knowing he wasn't meant to be a boy.

Anderson family are discovered to be a Syndicate Crime family and flee Earth. Christopher is in his bunker, which his family don't know about, and so he is abandoned. He is discovered when he emerges by Lisa Anderson, a Starfleet Security Officer. She tells him what happened, and he helps her find damning evidence against his family in a hidden basement. He is placed into the care of family services, and adopted by the Jameson family.

Christopher lives in Japan with the Jameson family, but he keeps to himself. He finds a spot in the wood every day to cry because he feels alone, and unable to dress like the girl he wants to be. One day, he is followed by Kin'Fuji, who takes him to her place and helps him to become Christina by dressing him in makeup and a dress. The Jameson's find him as they have a tracker in him, and disown him for his actions. Kin'Fuji's mother has him move in for a month, during which time Christopher changes his name and pronouns. Christopher dies, Christina is born. She is then adopted by Lisa Anderson who heard what happened, and who is friends with K'tress, Kin'Fuji's mother.

At the same time, Kin'Fuji and Christina start dating and fall in love very quickly.

Christina begins hormone therapy, but also has her sperm frozen so that she and Kin'Fuji can have their own children one day. Both Kin'Fuji's and Christina's parents are happy for Christina, and support her completely.

Christina has full gender reassignment surgery, including a womb transplant, and is finally a complete woman. She is able to carry children, and do everything women can do. Kin'Fuji, wanting to be a doctor, refuses to leave Christina's side, so the two of them move in together into a small house next to Kin'Fuji's parents, who also live only doors away from Christina's parents.

Christina and Kin'Fuji get married, and shortly after they begin their time at Starfleet Academy, with Kin'Fuji being in medical and Christina in Engineering. She is a natural at the work.

Christina graduates Starfleet Academy, as does Kin'Fuji. Kin'Fuji goes onto Medical School training, which requires a further two years. Christina is assigned to an engineering post at Starfleet Engineering in the design department, as no Captain wants her since she is the daughter of a notorious Criminal family.

Captain Booth at Starbase 323, a new shipyard, requests Christina be assigned to his base. He is a friend of her adoptive mother's, and brings her aboard as an engineer. Christina and Kin'Fuji get a house on the planet. Kin'Fuji is assigned to Starbase 323 as a medical officer.

Christina and Kin'Fuji decide to have a baby, and so K'tress Hartley is born. Kin'Fuji carries her, with Christina intending to carry the second baby they have. They get a bigger house to live in together.

Christina is promoted to the role of Chief Engineer of Alpha team, the primary construction team, after proving her work, and is also promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Kin'Fuji is promoted to assistant Chief Medical Officer of Starbase 323, and she and Christina decide to have a second child, so Christina is impregnated near the end of the year.

As the USS Ranger comes in for a refit, Christina oversees the second half as the first senior engineer botched the refit. Christina does the job perfectly, and Commander Arlidd asks her to take the role of Chief Engineer, and offers to bring Kin'Fuji aboard as well. Christina accepts happily as she has always wanted to serve on a ship but wasn't given the chance to.
Service Record 2382 - 2386: Starfleet Academy, Engineering division - Cadet
2386 - 2388: Starfleet Engineering, Design department - Ensign
2388 - 2391: Starbase 323, Shipyard Engineer - Ensign
2391 - 2394: Starbase 323, Chief Engineer, Alpha Team - Lieutenant
2394 - Present: USS Ranger, Chief Engineering Officer - Lieutenant