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Lieutenant JG Yukina Moonshadow

Name Yukina Ren Moonshadow

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half-breed (Human / Caitian)
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Snow White
Eye Color Electric Blue
Physical Description Mixed raced human and caitian white hair with snow leopard fur covering half her body with electric blue eyes and small lights near her eyes that glow slightly as she looks at data in her eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Liberated borg found at a romulan secret research facility who worked on medical prosthetics and research with borg technologie before coming to the Ranger
Strengths & Weaknesses (-) Still has some misunderstanding of Humanoid behaviors and emotions
(-) Must use a regeneration chamber or will suffer from neural and cybernetic breakdown
(-) Looks to be 20 - 22 when is really 29 years old
(-) Comes off as cold
(-) Complete tight coverings (clothing) causes her to over heat over time.
(-) Has become Highly sarcastic

(+/-) Is very stubborn about correcting false information.

(+) Medical Expert (Due to Borg Implanted Memory and Cybernetic Altered brain.)
(+) Standard Borg Strengths (Strength, Intelligence, Nanites, And Assimilation Tendrils)
(+) Eidetic memory
(+) Heightened feline Dexterity
Ambitions Learning how to live in this new world and find her own place in it.
Hobbies & Interests ancient anime (1980's - 2090)
old video games RPG's
Rpg Hollow games

Personal History Where she comes from or her family is unknown. Was she created by the borg in a breeding attempt of new types of drones or family was assimilated is unknown. ass he only ever knew the borg even in her childhood.

A crashed Borg Sphere in romulan space during the more recent wars were a few drones still alive and cut off from the collective. Reason unknown.

The Tal Shiar experimented on the drones and kept the others in a type of status using the alcoves they jury rigged together to keep the other drones alive. Through their experiments they had removed her eyes and caused massive damage to her arms and bodd. Because of a foolish accident caused by one of the newer scientists.

The station was badly damaged by an escaping borg drone that was able to infect the station and many of the staff before being destroyed. There was an emergency distress signal that had been going for a long time and a huge battle that happened on the station. This signal lead an intrepid class to investigate the signal and they found a nearly dead station the staff all but one dead the borg that were there had been killed by using a command signal that released a chemical into their brains allowing the sole survivor to retake the station, and left the disabled badly damaged borg drone laying in the research center.

The Federation brought her back and found her arms because of the things the romulans were doing to her Unable to be saved. And removed them along with much of her cybernetics. Her arms were replaced along with her eyes with biosynthetics. Tricorders and a few other hand held devices caused issues she would realize. Didn’t feel so comfortable with them but was able to still graduate top of her class 2 years after entering the academy due to the massive amount of data and information she had from her time as a borg that was downloaded into her brain.

She spent two years with medical research dealing with borg technologie and how to help deal with it. In doing so she helped develop new prosthetics for her arms and eyes. Her left arm is designed with a tricorder in hand which is able to link to her eyes showing her the data of what she’s seeing. She is also able to link to her eyes the information of other computer systems as long as her hand is touching it.

Her arms and eyes are capable of such feats due to the nanites in her body as they assimilated the arms specially designed to work with the borg nanites. Allows the data to move easily. She would then move onto the Ranger by suggestion of the chief Researcher and chief medical officers of her last unit believing it would do her go to be able to associate with others and see what else is out there
Service Record Liberated from Romulans Secret Research Station Found by the intrepid class starship The U.S.S. Eclipse

StarFleet Academy 2 years. Medical expertise

4 years with Starfleet Research and development on Medical borg technologie and understanding.

Upcoming assignment U.S.S. Ranger Recommended by Chief Research officer Scott's Anderson and Chief Medical officer Gema Le'brown