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Inspecting the Churchill

Posted on Thu Dec 24th, 2020 @ 3:34am by Commander Zelea Arlidd & Lieutenant Commander Callum Macquarrie & Lieutenant Christina Hartley & Lieutenant Kin'Fuji Hartley MD & Lieutenant JG Richter Valarig

Mission: Creating a world on a Galaxy
Location: Deck 4 - Shuttle Bay - USS Churchill

The shuttle bay of the USS Churchill was dark and empty, where there should have been a half a dozen small craft and shuttle bay crew buzzing with excitement at the arrival of the delta flyer class runabout there was nothing but darkness and an eerie quite. Commander Arlidd took a deep breath "well this is it" she stood from her seat and started putting on an environmental suite, the Commander wasn't a fan of these things but she did like breathing.

Kin'Fuji's triple tails thumped on the floor. She so hated space suits, as they where a royal pain in the tail to put on. She stood herself and went to retrieve her specialized suit. "Love can you give me a hand?" She said to Christina.

"Of course, darling," Christina said, going to her. "What's up?" she asked.

"We are getting into Environmental suits, love." Kin'Fuji said. "I could use some help getting it on."

Callum chuckled "Aye, well I am usually taking things off, not putting them on, but I'll make the exception today," he replied as he approached Kin'Fuji offering to assist them in getting their environmental suit on. "There ya go, snug as a glove" he added afterward.

Christina nodded; her's was larger than normal to accommodate her bulge, and she was a little wary, but she knew this was her job, and she wanted to be on that ship.

"This better be a calm little excursion," Callum said. He knew that Zelea's expertise was truly what made her more qualified than any of them to be on this away mission, and it was Captain's prerogative to do so. He sure the hell was not going to stand in the way of that, but even with a security officer coming along, he felt responsible for her safety himself. They had known one another long enough.

"It will not be if the odds are anything that they probably will be." Richter shook his head. Working his way into the suit. Getting it powered on. More focused on looking at all the scan data then anything. However, he was still listening to the conversations. "Considering that we are on their turf now.

After fully suiting up and equipping herself with a tricorder and a hand phaser the Commander grabbed the extra engineering kit from the runabout and gave a nod for the team to head out. Zelea was getting used to the environmental suite as she watched the runabouts doors open and activated her wrist light. Mister Valarig and Callum were taking point as the team started into the darkness of the shuttle bay.

Stepping out he activated the light on the phaser rifle. Richter gave a motion for Callum to spread out to the left, while he did the right. So they could secure the immediate area first.

Callum trusted security to do their job. That meant as someone with a certain amount of command experience, he did not step on their toes. He let them do their job and have them a wide enough berth to do so. He followed the man's motion and spread out.

The rest of the team would wait for Richter's signal, Zelea promised she would play it safe and wanted to make sure her crew were safe. Especially the pregnant Lieutenant Hartley she looked back and gave her a smile "feeling okay?" she asked Christina.

Christina nodded softly. "I'm good," she said, returning the smile. "I'm getting there, but working helps," she added.

"Good let someone know if you start having any issues" she gestured down at the Lieutenants tummy.

Christina nodded. "The twins are probably asleep right now," she said, smiling at Zelea.

She smiled and winked at Christina "we can take this nice and slow" she started out of the shuttle a few steps. "Are we clear gentlemen?" the Commander asked over the suites comm systems and waited for the clearance for the rest of the team to proceed from the shuttle.

Coming back from his side, Valarig gave a bit of a nod, "Clear on this end."

"Clear here as well," he replied. "For now at least," she cautioned with a small reminder that they had very little control over the situation.

Zelea gave a nod for the rest of the team to start out of the shuttle. It wasn't long until they had made their way outside the shuttle bay "Tricorder readings are useless" the Commander shook her head and shut her tricorder. The readings were scrambled even inside the ship, whatever the planet was doing to the sensors on the Ranger were also happening with short range hand scanners.

"I wouldn't say entirely useless," replied Callum. "Tricorder has a good bit of weight to it. A good bit of muscle and accuracy and luck, you may be able to nail someone right on the noggin with it for defense purposes, but aye, the readings themselves are shite" asserted Callum sarcastically. "Captain, what do ya say?"

The corridor was as dark as the shuttle bay, not even the emergency lights were working. "We split up" Zelea looked around at her team "Macquarrie and I will head toward the bridge" she gave him a nod "the rest of you engineering" the Commander looked around at the two Hartley's and Richter as she finished.

"Ah, to the bridge we go, Ze," he replied to the Captain meeting her nod with one of his own. "Maybe we can regain some control of this ship from there. Hopefully, we will find answers up there and not more questions."

"That's my hope as well" Commander Arlidd smiled and made sure the other officers were good to go before they split.

Richter gave a shake of his head, "I'm sure there's going to be a lot of questions." At least they knew the way to Engineering, or at least he did anyway.

"I don't have to remind you to be careful" Commander Arlidd said as she and Callum started down the direction of the corridor that would lead to the bridge.

Christina led the way down the corridor towards main engineering, hoping there was power to the turbolift. "If the turbolift's are dead, we'll need to use the shuttle's transporters to move around," Christina said. "I'm not sure I'll fit in a jeffries tube right now," she added.

The team of five had to split and cover as much of the ship as possible. Unfortunately their tricorders were not working so they were doing everything by sight alone. It made Commander Arlidd a little more nervous but she couldn't show it as she and her Chief Flight Control Officer and friend started down the corridor headed to the commander center of any Federation starship.


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