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Mysteries and Survivors

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 5:15am by Lieutenant Commander Callum Macquarrie & Commander Zelea Arlidd
Edited on on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 6:56pm

Mission: Creating a world on a Galaxy
Location: USS Churchill

When the away split they were on deck four outside the shuttle bay. Power was out aboard the Churchill and the away team had to rely on their environmental suite and a wrist light to be able to see. "This is extra creepy" Zelea looked over at Callum and climbed into the jefferies tube "and only three decks to go" she said sarcastically.

Callum was in decent physical shape, but he had still broken into a sweat climbing through the network of jefferies tubes. "Clearly, they did not anticipate power failing these starships. Forty some damn decks, could you imagine having to climb from the lowest point all the way to the Bridge?"

"I'm not sure I could do it Cal" Zelea said as she continued to climb. "I don't have a good feeling about this" she looked down at him and then continued to climb the narrow ladder. "We are lucky we only have one more deck" she said trying to sound more chipper, but he knew her all to well.

"Likewise, I don't feel good about this either," he replied. "You may want phasers ready as soon as we reach the Bridge. We don't know what we might stumble upon up there, Ze."

"I agree" Zelea said breathing heavy as they continued to climb through the decks of the galaxy class starship. "I'm ready to find out what the hell is going on here" she paused as her foot slipped and she let out a scream.

Callum reached up and placed his hand on the Bolian's ass, hoisting her back up a bit to regain her footing. "Best we just not let anyone know about that," he added with a small chuckle. "Don't fall to your death on my watch. I'm not looking to have the Captain's chair just yet."

"Thanks" she said taking a few deep breaths "keep your behind out of my chair" she said jokingly and continued to climb. Reaching the hatch they needed Zelea took a few deep breaths and accessed the door, pulling it open and looking through it with her hand on her phaser as she started through the hatch that would get them to the bridge.

"I'll keep mine out of your chair if you keep yours out of my hand," Callum replied. "Here we go," he added as he reached for his own phaser and prepared for what they possibly could find.

Zelea shook her head and rolled her eyes, taking a deep breath "here we go" she repeated and made her way onto the bridge. It wasn't what the Commander hoped she would find "oh no" she said softly moving her wrist light around the dark bridge.

"Gobshite!" exclaimed Callum as he stripped over a body of an officer in a uniform, ops by the looks of it. He shown his wrist lantern down upon the body, an expression of horror was etched onto the man's face, skin horrid and his eyes nearly gone, mouth hung ajar with small swarm of gnat sized insects pouring out from his mouth like a small dark cloud.

Callum took a few steps back. "Ze," he said calling to the Captain of the Ranger. "What the hell are these things?" he muttered flashing his lantern onto the cloud of insects. "It's like something laid eggs inside the bodies..." he added, his mind wandered.

“No clue” Arlidd replied “hopefully they can’t get in our suites” she looked over at Callum as more of the bugs burst from the Captain of the Churchill . Trying to get out of the swarm she stepped back but ended up against one of the consoles.

"Good thing we don't have any power up here," commented Callum. "Ya may have inadvertently launched a probe or butt hailed someone," added the helmsmen. "Those...insects may be the cause of the death of this Bridge crew."

Trying not to laugh "you think a wide dispersed phaser blast would get rid of them?" she continued to swat at them as they made a horrid buzzing sound.

"If it doesn't kill them if will already scatter them momentarily. Unless that is they are attracted to or feed off of energy, but nevertheless, we would get some sort of result."

"Yes I suppose we will" she pulled her phaser and set it to the widest beam setting and gave a blast into the swarm in front of her. Several of the bug's were vaporized by the beam, but there were several dozen more that were missed and scattered from the phaser blast. "Let's move" Zelea said knowing everyone on the bridge including the Commanding Officer were dead.

"Where the hell to?" Inquired Macquarie. "The Bridge and Engineering are two most vital places aboard a starship, essential for the operations of the starship," he added.

The Helmsmen thought for a moment. "Ze, there's no indication that they attempted a saucer separation. That would make the auxiliary battle Bridge moot. If they were trying to understand what was happening to them, the science labs and Sickbay would the best places for clues. In an emergency aboard any starship personnel would conjugate at safety zones like the cargobays and mess halls."

"Let's check the mess hall first" she figured that is where she would set up an emergency area first.

"Agreed," he replied concurring with her. "The largest of those would be the main lounge, likely mine decks beneath us."

Escaping the swarming insects into the hatch “another long climb in the dark” she looked over at Cal and let out a slight sigh.

Callum scoffed "How about we get there together and in one piece, okay, Ze?" he replied somewhat teasing her. Though what they had found on the bridge was grim and disturbing, Cal had seen a lot over the years, and scenes more horrid than the one they had stumbled in upon. His mask was often his sense of humor and sometimes charming disposition. "Just try not to fall. I really cannot afford to lose you. It's a lot of paperwork and I really do not want to have to inform some Admiral on Earth that you fell to your death, and that we have some strange gnats that have wiped out the crew of a Galaxy class starship."

"I was going to try to get you to do my report" she joked as they continued to climb in the very dark shaft. "I tell you I'm glad the Ranger is a much smaller ship" the Commander was ready to get back to their home.

"You had better toss the First Officer out the airlock and promote me then. If you are going to make me file your reports," replied Callum. He followed the Bolian and he too was thankful the Ranger was much smaller. "These ships may be elegant, but they are a damn hassle."

Zelea giggled at Callum as they reached deck ten "well here we are" she held her light forward and started the manual override for the hatch.

Seeing the Bolian struggle a bit with the manual override, Callum came down further. "Gobshite! Must be stuck. Damn stubborn ass ship," he said cursing under his breath as he berated the ship. "Just needs a bit more muscle, Ze, no offense," he said as he used his muscle to pry the hatch open.

"There ya go," he said gesturing for her to take the lead. "Old lady," he stated. "The ship, not you," he added with a smirk.

"WOW" Zelea said with a chuckle and crawled out of the hatch giving the corridor a quick scan with her light, hand on her phaser if she needed it. "If I remember it's mid deck" she looked over at her buddy and fellow officer.

He nodded. "Yes, there should be one there," he replied. "These galaxy class starships are huge. They have several lounges of varying sizes. The primary shuttle bay is even two decks in height. Ships a damn behemoth."

"They are huge, but just think this was the Federation flag ship" she shook her head "well you know the Enterprise" she added quickly. As the pair reached ten forward they had to pry the door open and Zelea called out "hello" she slowly entered the room "Commander Arlidd and my Second Officer Mister Macquarrie" there were about a few dozen people huddled around what light they had in the lounge.

"I am sure your starship has seen better days," Callum added. "What can you tell us about what happened. Anything would be helpful, we had just been on the Bridge. Regrettably, we did not find any survivors up there."

"Only survivors are here and a few running things in engineering" someone spoke up from the group "we figured it would be better to only have to provide life support and the like to two areas of the ship."

"Smart thinking" Zelea looked to the young man giving the report "are any of you sick?" she swallowed hard not sure she really wanted the answer to that.

"We've managed to keep them out of ten forward" the same gentleman reported again.

"Well that's a relief" Zelea whispered to Callum noticing the lights slightly dim and then go back to their previous level of illumination.

"Yes, but if what they are saying is true and this plus a few in Engineering are the only survivors, Ze, that means we are looking at thousands dead."

"I was so happy to find survivors" she looked over at her friend almost tearing up "I didn't even" she just gave him a look and tried to quickly shake it off.

He flashed a small sympathetic look at her and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "I don't mean to be a dark cloud, but realistically, this ship has lost the majority of life aboard," he noted. "However, you have just saved dozens of lives by responding."

"Well" she smiled at Callum "we do what we can" she tried to stay positive for the survivors. "I'd say we need the good doctor to check these folks out as best he can before we start shipping them over to the Ranger" she glanced over at Callum "we can have who ever goes over send an additional shuttle."

Callum cleared his throat. "Ma'am," he replied, not normally one to address her as such. "If we are going to take these people over to the Ranger, we are going to need to quarantine them for safety measures, and you'll want a cargo bay cleared out as a makeshift infirmary. Sickbay won't have enough beds for all of them."

"Yes of course" she knew the Chief Medical Officer would handle all of that and Zelea trusted the experience the medical team had between them.

"So, did you like it?" he teased. "That was my First Officer voice. I'm trying it out in case I need to use it some day."

"Oh your already practicing huh?" she asked with a giggle to her voice.

He shrugged. "I am next in line. I was technically your Acting XO until you were assigned one. I have to prepared for my moment to come at some point, Ze." He returned his focus back to the situation. "What are your orders, Captain?"

Callum was right about what he said and she knew he would be a great First Officer. Giving a smile "well seems like we need to get the good doctor up here once things are done in engineering" she started looking around the room "although with out a working tricorder, I guess we will have a side meeting and decide what to do once he examines a few of these people."

"That sounds like a good idea, Ze" replied Callum. "Will let them work their magic in engineering, but I'm not overly optimistic."

"Sadly I think you are right" Commander Arlidd gave a nod "perhaps we should take a look at everyone and make sure we don't miss anyone that might be getting ill."


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