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Engineering lost

Posted on Fri Feb 12th, 2021 @ 1:24am by Commander Zelea Arlidd & Lieutenant Christina Hartley & Lieutenant Kin'Fuji Hartley MD & Lieutenant JG Richter Valarig

Mission: Creating a world on a Galaxy
Location: USS Churchill

As Christina reached the bottom step of the ladder allowing the group to enter engineering, she stopped and leant against a wall, gasping for breath. "Never... make... that... climb... when... pregnant with... twins," Christina gasped, taking as many breaths as she could. "I need... to rest for... a couple of minutes," she added, her back against the wall.

Valarig was right behind her, even though he'd insisted that he go first. Checking on her and nodding. "Go ahead, I'll clear the area," lifting the rifle to his shoulder. Just one handed for now so he could also use the tricorder to scan as he slowly started to sweep.

Kin'Fuji finally got to the bottom of the ladder. She stepped over to Christina and smiled at her. "You okay, love?" She asked her wife.

Christina nodded. "Little out of breath. Carrying twins... is tiring when on... ship duty," Christina said, with a small smile. "I never thought... I'd find this out. Still, at least... we're here together," she said softly.

"True, but still, don't push yourself to hard." Kin'Fuji said with worry in her voice.

Kevin got quite as he heard unfamiliar voices in engineering. The older gentleman drew his phaser and stepped out of the side room he was in "hold it right there" he demanded a phaser pointed at the three intruders.

Christina had just entered engineering, and saw the man standing there. She recognized the phaser as a standard Starfleet one, if not a little older. "I'm Lieutenant Commander Christina Hartley, Chief Engineer of the USS Ranger. Who are you?" Christina asked, leaning against the main table console. "And do you have a chair I can sit in?"

"Starfleet" he smiled and lowered his phaser rifle. "My names Kevin" the young man said and gestured toward a small alcove with a chair.

An older gentleman wearing a gold Starfleet uniform started climbing down the ladder from the upper deck. "Finally" he said with a snip and started approaching the team wearing the environmental suites "Lieutenant Commander Walters, I've been in charge since the command team and the bridge were compromised" he reported with a slight nod.

Christina nodded as she sat down in the chair, taking deep breaths. "I'm sorry it's taken so long to find you, Lt. Commander," Christina said. "What happened here? How many people are alive?"

"Not exactly sure" he reported back "just us here in engineering keeping the ship going as best we can, there should be at least a few dozen in ten forward" he paused and looked who he assumed was the security escort in the eyes "damn bugs have killed most of the crew and who's left are mostly civilians" he gave a look, it had been hell.

Richter had actually already seen the two of them when he started his sweep. Coming up around behind them, without a sound. Ready in case that went sideways. Obviously it didn't however and came out of the shadows. Lowering the rifle. "What bugs?"

"Mean little buggers" Kevin spoke up and then almost cowered down as Walters looked over at him.

"They burrow in and lay their eggs" Walters replied to Ritcher.

Christina had heard enough. "Alright, we need to find a way to get comms working, and quickly. If these bugs are that dangerous, we need to get off of the ship, and get everyone else clear as well," Christina said, wanting to get off the ship, and quickly. She ignored a sudden pain in her chest, not wanting to panic anyone.

"Yeah you think" the man stepped toward her "I think we should get your Commanding Officer involved" he crossed his arms "and you know the ship is stuck I hope your people were not as dense as my CO."

Christina nodded. "Well, my CO is currently headed for the bridge. Richter, get to the bridge, quickly, and get Commander Arlidd out of here, now," Christina ordered. "Keep suits on at all times. You see anyone, send them here or to ten forward," she ordered. "Lt. Commander Walters, I assume you were the chief engineer here?"

"Correct" he gave a nod, this woman just took charge of the situation. "I'd suggest we all head for ten forward and check on the survivors" he shrugged and looked at the younger officer.

"Not yet. We need to find a way to communicate with our ship. Get some transporter enhancers if you have some," Christina said, standing up slowly, wincing in pain as she felt another sharp pain. "We need... to hurry."

"Transport enhancers are gonna do no good" Walters shook his head "do you think I haven't tried that" he looked at the Lieutenant.

The Romulan gave a glance to Christina a moment and then nodded. "Heading back that way, then ma'am. I guess I'm going back all the way up, at least I'm in good shape." Heading to one of the turbolift shafts as that would be faster to climb than the jeffries tubes.

Christina nodded. "Well, I just got here... I don't know what you have or haven't tried. Besides, not like... you had anywhere to beam to before," Christina pointed out. "What... happened to... the power?" she asked, taking deep breaths as she felt exhausted already.

"When we went into a standard orbit" he gave her a concerned looked "you don't look so good lady" he said dryly.

Christina nodded. "I'm pregnant... with twins... and I had to... get down here... through jeffries tubes. You wouldn't... look great either," Christina said, with a small smile. "I'll... be okay," she added, sitting down again.

"How did you get here?" the man asked the pregnant woman.

"Came aboard... via shuttlecraft. It's... back in the bay," Christina replied. "Had to... make our way here from the... main bay."

Kin'Fuji was already scanning Christina. "Love it might be best that you head back to the shuttle." She said with a frown.

Christina looked at her. "We need to help these people," Christina said, standing up, before crying out in pain, barely sitting back down. "Oh god... please don't... it can't be time yet..." she whimpered.

"You should get back to your ship" the engineer almost demanded of the visitors.

"You... should come... too..." Christina replied, before crying out in time. "Kin... my waters... they just broke," Christina said, looking at her wife.

"We will be right behind you" the man went over to a console and started tapping in some commands into a console.

Christina cried out once more as she struggled to stand. "Oh god... this is... the worst timing..." she moaned.

"That it is." Kin'Fuji said as she put her tricorder away. Then she opened her channel to the rest of the away team. "Christina has gone into labor, we are falling back to the shuttle with the current survivors." Then she looked at Christina. "I don't feel comfortable with you walking." Then she turned her attention to the rest of the engineers as she pulled her emergency stretcher. "Are you guys able enough to carry Christina?"

"Aye" the Lieutenant Commander agreed but it was that time Kevin came from a door carrying someone who was moaning in pain. "We need to go sirs" he said "she aint doing well" he gestured toward the woman who he was helping.

Christina screamed out in pain again as she felt the contractions, writhing in agony. "This... get me... out of this... suit!" she screamed.

Walters interjected his opinion "the suit may keep you safe" he wasn't one hundred percent sure of his statement, but anything to keep the bugs out was worth a shot. At that point Walters noticed Kevin had dropped the woman he was helping and she had passed away but her body was shaking and he knew what that meant. "We need to move" Walters suggested looking at the woman on the floor and the pregnant woman who didn't seem to be doing so well.

"I need to help her." Kin'Fuji said looking at the man. "But we need to get to the shuttlebay."

Christina screamed in pain again as she felt another contraction. "I... they're coming!" Christina cried out.

"We gotta get her out of here" Walters looked over as the bugs started swarming Kevin. The engineer was trying to help Christina to her feet "we got to go" he suggested with a very rushed tone.

"A... Agreed." Kin'Fuji said getting to her feet. "Lets move quickly."

Walters looked back as he heard the screams from Kevin and helped the pregnant woman into the turbo shaft. "We should get some of the survivors from ten forward on our way" he suggested and the three of them entered the jefferies tube on their way to safety.


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