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Tha Frak?

Posted on Fri Feb 12th, 2021 @ 1:22am by Commander Zelea Arlidd & Lieutenant Commander Callum Macquarrie & Lieutenant JG Richter Valarig

Mission: Creating a world on a Galaxy
Location: USS Churchill

Commander Arlidd had decided to make her way to engineering and left ten forward. If one of the two could be of use in engineering it was the former engineer. If there was nothing they could do to get the ship free they would abandon it and head back to the Ranger and make a plan. Zelea took a deep breath and stepped into the shaft and started on her way to engineering.

"I swear if she wasn't pregnant.." Richter grumbling to himself out loud. Which really wasn't the brightest idea if that Engineer was right about some type of 'bugs' running around. The sound of his voice echoing up the shaft. "Having me climb all the way back up here. The Captain can take care of herself."

As Zelea continued to climb she swore she heard a voice and a few minuets later she found the voice "Lieutenant." Zelea said curiously as it was quite dark in the shaft.

Richter gave a glance up, "Lieutenant what?" Yes, there was a little snap to his tone. He couldn't see who it was, even with his low-light vision. Hasn't been on the ship that long either, so he didn't recognize the Captain's voice. "You one of ours, or this ships crew?"

"Arlidd" she called out slightly breathed, luckily they had come to a junction and could stop. "What's going on" she asked catching her breath and stepping onto the deck.

"What in the hell..." Pausing a moment, "Captain." Still moving towards the sound of her voice. "You're suppose to be on the Bridge, not prancing around in this Turbolift shaft." Getting up where he could join her. Moving past her to sweep the immediate area of the corridor. Turning around, "Alright, clear."

"Headed to engineering" she looked at him 'the bridge is lost" she reported to her security chief.

"I just came from there, ma'am. We found two survivors. According to the senior officer, the ship is overrun by what he classified as 'bugs.' I was ordered to come secure you and get you off of the ship."

"Yeah we ran into some of the pests on the bridge" she sighed "Seems we are safe in our environmental suites." the Commander said with positivity to her voice. "We need to get these people off the ship" Arlidd gave a nod.

Richter sighed, "Little bit of an understatement. I have an idea for getting comms up though."

"And get through the interference?" she asked raising and eyebrow.

"Mmhmm. Except we need to be back on the Bridge of all things. Why is it lost?" Giving a glance behind them, just in case.

"All the crew there have been killed and nothing seems to be working there" she reported, when she and Callum were on the bridge there was no power and no life support. It was then that there was a buzzing sound coming from above them "Lieutenant looks like we may have a problem" she glanced up and back at the chief.

Richter gave a shrug, "Probably just a relay mess up, there's still power obviously, something is just out of wack." Kinda unusual terms for a Romulan wasn't it? Then again, he wasn't a normal one was he. "We'll just have to go back up, or I can." Stopping a moment, listening to the sound. "Up, Up! Go!"

Commander Arlidd quickly got back up on the ladder and started climbing as fast as she could. The sound of Ritcher's voice when he told her to go had a strong sense of urgency to it.

"What I wouldn't give for portable force fields right now..." Slipping out behind her and starting up as well. Checking every few seconds, above and below for these 'bugs.'

Arlidd let out a laugh as she was trying to rush upward. "Mean little bastards" Arlidd told her officer as the sound seemed to be gaining on them.

"What deck are we at now?" Richter glanced down again and fired a few blind shots.

"Gotta use the widest beam setting." Zelea shouted and continued to climb "This is it" the Commander stepped onto the deck and started working to get the hatch open.

"Wastes the power cell, ma'am." Keeps glancing down, "Though they are getting closer." That didn't exactly answer what deck though either. However, for the moment, it didn't matter.

The door slid open and Arlidd climbed through onto deck ten. "Come on" she turned and got ready to close the doors to try and keep the creatures out.

"Not exactly, Deck one, Captain." Rolling past her, Richter came up to his feet into a crouch. "I guess I can try my idea from there. The old man did say the rest of the crew were in Ten-Forward."

"I made a decision" she said closing the hatch and blocking the bugs from getting through at least she hoped. Quickly catching up with Ritcher "we are gonna have to get the Hartley's back to the shuttle Ritcher."

"I happened to notice." Shooting through the opening so Arlidd could get the hatch closed. "What about Hartley?"

"We will have to figure out how to clear the way" she looked at him. They had made it to ten forward and over to Callum "How are things here?" Arlidd asked raising a brow.

"As calm as things can be, Ze," replied Callum. "A lot of confusion and concern, but I've been trying to keep everyone entertained."

She gestured Callum to join them away from the people in ten-forward "we ran into a little trouble in one of the shafts" she looked between the two.

"What kind of trouble exactly...are you okay?" asked Callum with concern for his Captain's wellbeing.

Richter sighed a little bit. "Bugs. Evidently. Some kind of bug things."

"Callum's witnessed them first hand" Zelea looked over at her friend.

He nodded. "Yeah," replied Callum. "I am not gonna lie. I thought the wee bastards were gonna fly up my nose and down my throat and lay eggs in my innards."

"Let's hope not" Zelea replied "I think it best we get these people to the Ranger" she looked at her officers with a look of concern.

Richter smirked a little bit, "That reminds me of a quote from an old Earth movie. 'I swallowed a bug.' " Giving a look to Zelea, "I agree, but some of us still have a job to do down here as well."

Commander Arlidd gave a nod and a smile "Let's move these people to the shuttle bay and start the evacuation process" she looked around and knew it would take several trips with the delta flyer that they arrived in. "Additional shuttles can be sent from the Ranger and we can get these people out of here in a timely manner."


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