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Escaping the Churchill

Posted on Fri Feb 19th, 2021 @ 10:26am by Commander Zelea Arlidd & Lieutenant Commander Callum Macquarrie & Lieutenant Christina Hartley & Lieutenant Kin'Fuji Hartley MD & Lieutenant JG Richter Valarig

Mission: Creating a world on a Galaxy
Location: USS Churchill

After a very long climb the away team and survivors of the USS Churchill had just about made their way back to the shuttle bay. Some of them would have to stay behind and wait for rescue while the people in urgent need of care would be sent over to the Ranger via the delta flyer. Many of the survivors were very malnourished and of course there was Lieutenant Hartley who seemed to be in labor. Commander Arlidd had one of the survivors arm draped around her shoulder, helping him over to the shuttle "Callum get that pre-flight done quickly" she gestured to her Chief Flight Control Officer.

Richter shook his head, rifle at his shoulder and scanning the area. "No time for the pre-flight. Get out and come get the rest of us. Those things are going to be coming for us."

Christina screamed out as the contractions continued, and as soon as they were in the shuttle she tried to take off her helmet, sweat running down her face as she was laying on the floor, looking up at Kin'Fuji.

Kin'Fuji was already at work in getting Christina out of her suit. "Get us within transporter range of the Ranger and beam all the injured straight to Sickbay." She ordered.

Zelea and Walters were working on closing the shuttle bay doors behind them. “That should at least slow them down” she knew half of her officers were in the shuttle already and she started moving to help some of the survivors get into the shuttle.

Shaking his head a little bit, it was fine. He had intended to stay for now anyway. Valarig shifted over to the doors and looked a moment, then stopped. Thinking a moment and heading for the jefferies tubes. Setting the phaser rifle to a burn setting so he could seal those. Running up to the Shuttle bay control room. Locking one last one only half sealing with the rifle. "Everyone not staying get on the shuttle and get out!"

Luckily Ritcher sealed the room off pretty quickly so the insects couldn't get in, but Zelea figured they would find a way. They had killed basically all of the crew and the ship had been stuck for so long it was pretty much worthless. "Move people" she shouted to the survivors to get them to head toward the small vessel that would get them to safety.

"Lets get out of here?" Kin'Fuji said as she was now completely terrified for her wife and the twins that where coming into this universe at this very moment.

Callum was ignoring most of the rapid-fire conversation that was occurring. "Shuttle is is a flyable condition," he stated. "That's about as much of a pre-flight as we are going to get. It breaks about two dozen Federation flight ordinances and several Starfleet safety protocols, but aye," he said turning partially in his seat as he continued tapping controls. "We are a little pressed for time right now and frankly, I don't give a shite."

"You're signing off on the paperwork, Ze!" he exclaimed and the helmsman got the shuttle up and running and had pushed through the shuttle bay doors before they closed. He breathed a bit of a sigh of relief clearing it in the knick of time. "Sheesh, almost trash compacted us back there," added Callum shaking his head.

Zelea gave a nod "hurry back" she paused "I'm ready to get off this damn ship."

Callum chuckled at hearing the Captain. "Ze, two shakes of a lamb's tail."

"Aye" Arlidd said and moved to check on the remaining survivors. It would take at least two trips to get them all to safety and she hoped these creatues didn't find a way into the shuttle bay. "Richter how we looking" she asked with concern for their safety.

"I'm not entirely sure. I think I've got them sealed off for now. I'm sure that they are going to try another way to get in. It would help if we had portable force field generators or can make some." Richter gave a glance as the shuttle left.

"Let's look for ways they can get in" Zelea started looking around the room "seal off anything we can find" she gave her Chief of Security a nod, she knew he would do everything he could to keep everyone safe.

"Every single air vent for one. Also any conduits that run through the walls to any thing outside of this room. Any crawl spaces under the deck plating."

Arlidd pulled her hand phaser and adjusted the setting "I've got this side" she made her way across the shuttle bay and started sealing her first vent and hoping the shuttle would return quickly and evacuate the rest of them.

Valarig nodded a bit, "Alright. I'll get in the crawl spaces and block those off." Opening the access panel.

Arlidd continued sealing off different access points and keeping an eye on the people they found living on the Churchill she didn't want to loose anyone else. She was ready for Callum to get back with the shuttle and get these people the hell off of this ship. "God's these people have been through enough" Zelea said to herself as she sealed off the last access she could find, hearing the sound of the insects on the other side of the last hatch she blasted with her phaser.


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